5 \’Inhumans\’ Easter Eggs That Already Exist in \’Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.\’



When Marvel announced the Inhumans movie for 2018, Kevin Feige told the audience that they’d start seeing Inhumans Easter Eggs in stuff very soon. While some think this means movies such as Avengers: Age of Ultron, those people really don’t pay attention to Marvel too much and are probably some of the same who expected Avengers 3 to be based on Planet Hulk.

For eagle-eyed Marvel fans who know what the Inhumans are, Marvel has been dropping Inhuman Easter Eggs and hints ever since the end of Season 1 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The show is only a couple episodes into the second season, and already the number of Inhumans Easter Eggs is growing. Here are just five times the series has tipped its hat to the Inhumans:

Raina’s “What Will I Become?”


Toward the end of Season One, Raina asked about what she’ll become. She knows there’s something different within her, and we do too. In season two the Obelisk (which we soon learn is called the Diviner) is deadly to normal humans but Raina as well as Skye’s father is able to hold on to it. If Raina is going to become something more, is able to hold on to a Kree device that is deadly to non-inhumans, that means she is an Inhuman and just hasn’t been triggered yet.

Skye’s Parents Are “Monsters”


In both the first season as well as the second season we heard how Skye’s parents were “monsters”. Her backstory was originally pretty murky, but now we know that the people who caused the “deaths” of her parents were actually her parents themselves. If Skye had parents that transformed into monsters, it’s very likely they were Inhumans and that means she is as well.

Skye’s Father Not Controlling “It”


When we meet Skye’s father in season two, he initially looks normal. But he’s revealed to have a serious temper issue and talks about not being able to control something. It’s likely he is someone like Karnak or Maximus the Mad, two Inhumans who are known to have similar control issues. As the season goes along, we’ll probably learn a lot more about what he’s trying to control.

Skye Has Alien DNA


Wanting answers, Skye confronted Coulson recently about the Kree writing he’s been scratching everywhere, and Phil outright confirmed what everyone suspected. The G.H. serum contained alien DNA, and the reason why he and Garrett reacted badly to it was because it was alien. Skye didn’t have a reaction because she already had the alien DNA in her system. Despite the massive red herring the show tried to throw to people, this doesn’t mean Skye is an alien. She’s an Inhuman.

The Diviner as a Terrigen Device? (Theory)


This is a theory that’s gaining a lot of traction now, especially with an Inhumans movie being announced. Skye’s father called the Obelisk the “Diviner” (in its native tongue), and that it could kill “everyone else”. Again, as the device is deadly to normal humans but not him and people like Raina, it’s very likely this is a Terrigen device. This could be what is used to trigger the transformations in characters with alien DNA, such as Skye.