Age of Ultron Rumors: Captain Marvel Out, Wakanda In?


Captain MarvelYou’d have to be living under a rock to not be aware of the internet’s insistence that Marvel immediately announces a Captain Marvel movie starring Katee Sackhoff. Since Marvel doesn’t craft their extensive movie plans based on the whim of the internet, that obviously hasn’t happened yet.

Even so, there have been rumors of a Ms. Marvel cameo in Age of Ultron, and now it sounds like that may have changed.

Badass Digest has posted a new article that claims Marvel has cold feet about introducing Captain Marvel in the Avengers sequel:

But now I’m hearing that Marvel has cold feet about including her in the film. Not because they’re against the character – my sources assure me she is coming and it’s very plausible she could be on the team in Avengers 3 – but because they’re not certain they want to introduce her in this way. They basically aren’t certain they want to just drop her into the MCU fully formed in a team movie.

But Black Panther’s kingdom of Wakanda will appear as the source of Vibranium:

Anyway, they’re okay with opening Doctor Strange like Thor – the characters exist, have their abilities, have their relationships, and as the movie goes on we learn the important background. That doesn’t mean they’re totally okay with just dropping a fully-formed character into Age of Ultron. This is part of the reason why you won’t see Black Panther in the movie, despite the film visiting Wakanda so Ultron can get vibranium.

Just having Wakanda in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it’s a fictional nation created for the comics, should be enough to get Black Panther fans excited to see the character in a future movie.