Podcast #69 – Stormtrooper leak? Blizzard tribute to Robin Williams



Today on the show, as always, we started with Star Wars news.  And in no particular order; this might be the new ST helmet, JJ Abrams reveals a robotic hand, Disney is ramping up their Star Wars theme parks, and here’s proof that there may be another Blu-Ray release of SW in 4k. Lastly in the world of Star Wars Rian Johnson defends the prequels. We lost a great one this week, this is how Blizzard will remember Robin Williams. Zach Snyder called in to a radio show to defend Aquaman, and guess what – it’s being made. Warner, who will be making Aquaman, has just released a list of 9 DC movies that will be here by 2020. Fans who wanted to see Guardians of the Galaxy were fed a mouthful of fail by certain Regal Cinemas. And lastly, Thanos rumors have been squashed.

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