Podcast #68 – Kevin Smith Says Ep7 is so good it made him cry


millennium falcon

We are back and have a lot to cover so I’ll just jump right it and show you some of the stuff we went over. In Star Wars news Kevin Smith Confirms Stormtroopers are in Episode VII, JJ Abrams Reveals Episode VII’s X-Wing, and the possible plot for Episode 7 revealed! But wait there’s more – The original trilogy has been remastered in 4k and Big George says that Boba Fett survived the Sarlaac pit from ep6. In Marvel news – Ultron has been revealed, RDJ says he’s cool with Iron Man 4, Marvel has the rights to Namor, and Planet Hulk rumors were debunked. Lastly Sony will keep Spidey longer, The Rock = Shazam?, The Flash and Arrow will do a crossover, and finally US House of Representatives Edits the ‘Reptilian Alien’ Wikipedia Page, oops?

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