It\’s Official – Sam Wilson is Captain America


Sam Wilson Captain America

The worst-kept secret in comics…

Even though Marvel fans have known about this for weeks, ever since Marvel revealed the cover of Avengers #35, last night Marvel made it official. Sam Wilson is taking over for Steve Rogers as Captain America. In the recent Cap storyline, the Super Soldier Serum was drained from Cap’s body, leaving him a frail old man. Sam will take over the role of Cap and lead the Avengers.

But that’s not all. To lure more investment collectors to buy shiny new #1 issues, Marvel is launching a third Marvel NOW! later this year. There will be new #1 issues for Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man and heavy focus on characters in Phase 3 of Marvel movies such as Doctor Strange, Ant Man, Scarlet Witch, and the Inhumans. In total there will be ten new comics replacing existing series, some of which haven’t even run for an entire year. If you ever wanted to say Disney has ruined Marvel, the greed for the investment collector’s money is a sign.

The new Captain America, Thor, and Superior Iron Man books will likely be a big part of Marvel’s SDCC panels next week.