Podcast #65 – Episode 7 news, X-men Movies, Interstellar plot details



Lots of Star Wars news to cover this week! First, the director of Godzilla will also direct a Star Wars spin-off. His writer is scrambling to delete all of the prequel bashing that he did. Watch Abrams get photobombed by an alien on the Abu Dhabi set. Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, a browser based space shooter, has fortunately been cancelled so that they can focus on good games.  Lastly, the Prequels will not be retconned, and let us know if you can tell the difference between models or CGI. Days of Future Past killed it over Memorial Day, and Jeremy ranked all of the X-men movies. In comic book news, Jeremy explains how Guardians of the Galaxy connects to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Only Virgins Know About Martian Manhunter?”, and Stan Lee Responds to David Goyer’s ignorant She-Hulk comments. Last up, a silly Michael Bay rumor and some Interstellar spoilers.

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