10 Star Wars Episode VII Character Theories



With the Star Wars Episode VII cast officially announced, everyone is coming up with theories as to who everyone may be playing as well as what the “Big 3” are doing now that thirty years have passed since Return of the Jedi. Here’s our guesses to what Episode VII may look like in terms of characters, which will all likely be laughable about a year from now when the movie is finished:

Han Solo


Every rumor about Harrison Ford’s involvement in Episode VII says that he has a “gigantic” role, even going so far as calling him a “co-lead” with the younger cast members. These rumors are saying that Han took the George Washington path, moving from a General in the Rebellion to a President of sorts. But why would he be a co-lead with the younger characters? That brings us to Luke and Leia.

Luke Skywalker


Obviously Luke is a Jedi and everything we’ve been hearing for the last thirty years about Luke’s role in the Sequel Trilogy is that Lucas intended him to play the Obi-Wan role to “pass Excalibur down to the next generation”. If that remains true, it’s possible Luke is off living as a hermit of sorts. The table read photo has hit next to Anthony Daniels, which could mean Luke is living in isolation with one or both of the droids.

Princess Leia


The same rumors that say that Han is a president of sorts also say that Leia followed a Jedi path. If those are true, it’s possible she is estranged from Han as the Sequel Trilogy Jedi Order could be much more similar to the one in the Prequels where attachment is forbidden as opposed to the very different EU New Jedi Order.

Daisy Ridley


In the table read photo, Daisy Ridley is seated between Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. As they normally sit actors who share a lot of dialog together, this is leading most people to believe that she is the daughter of Han and Leia. At this point this is the most likely theory to go with.

John Boyega


Even before he was officially cast in the movie, many larger Hollywood trades were calling Boyega a “young Jedi” in the film. If that’s true, and it likely is, this brings up a very interesting theory as to how the story fits around him and some of the other new cast members. Boyega is sitting with Oscar Isaac and Andy Serkis in the cast photo, which could point to the three being involved in the New Republic (or whatever it’s called). Imagine if Boyega is a Jedi Knight serving the Republic in a time of peace when an ancient evil returns. That could be reason to seek out a Jedi mentor who has dealt with the Sith…