Star Wars \’Episodes\’ Coming Every Other Year, Three Spin-Offs Planned


ep7630Yesterday Disney held their quarterly earnings call in which Bob Iger ran down everything Disney-related for investors. Naturally he talked a bit about Star Wars as production is ramping up in the UK, and Iger mentioned how he was recently over there and how great Star Wars is shaping up.

Later in the call he talked about the release plans for the movie and said the main “Episodes”, specifically VII, VIII, and IX should be released every two years. That would mean Episode VII in 2015, VIII in 2017, and IX in 2019. Even though we haven’t heard much on the spin-offs lately, he did say that three of those were currently planned.

There have been rumors of a Han Solo movie and a Boba Fett movie, so the third possible spin-off is a mystery. While many people were expecting the first one to come out in 2016, Iger made no mention of a release for the first spin-off so it’ll likely be some time until we hear anything more about it especially with all the focus on Episode VII.

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