Richard Rider\’s Fate Will Be Revealed in Marvel\’s \’Original Sin\’


mcu-characters-movies-01Marvel’s Nova fans have been wondering what happened to the real Nova, Richard Rider, ever since the current Nova is basically a kid in the current Marvel Now! run. Thanks to this summer’s big Marvel crossover “Original Sin”, the fate of Richard Rider will be revealed as well as how Star-Lord survived the Cancerverse to star in Bendis’ current Guardians of the Galaxy comic. has an interview with Bendis who says this was all planned from the beginning: Peter Quill wasn’t the only character to disappear in the Cancerverse. Is there any chance of us finding out what happened to Rich Rider, aka Nova, in this storyline?

Brian Michael Bendis: Absolutely. A one hundred percent yes.

Nova is definitely one of the characters who deserves to pop up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so if Richard Rider is alive…maybe he could show up on screen instead of the kid…

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