Avi Arad: Spidey Can Only Appear in Avengers if it\’s a \’Spider-Man\’ Movie


Sony is taking this meme a bit too seriously...

Sony is taking this meme a bit too seriously…

If you’re a gamer you probably remember how arrogant Sony was back in 2006 when they revealed the $599 PlayStation 3. Despite widespread shock and outrage over the price, Sony wouldn’t take any crap even going so far as telling people to get a second job if they couldn’t afford the system. That arrogance hurt their console at the beginning of its life, and now that arrogance has spread to the film division overseeing the Spider-Man franchise.

Speaking to the Toronto Sun, Spider-Man producer at Sony Avi Arad explained the only way he’d allow Spidey to cross-over with The Avengers is if it were a Spider-Man movie as he’s the center of the Marvel Universe:

“But if we want to do that, the crossovers, it has to be a story that is absolutely centered on Spider-Man. We cannot be second banana to anything out there. Because this is the king. This is the one that influenced young people from birth.

“I’m not preaching, but Spider-Man, Peter Parker, who is in all of us, is too important to go in and use it as a sidepiece for corporate purposes. The studio may disagree with me, some fans may disagree with me. I don’t care.”

This has to be a case of Sony trying to live out an internet meme in real life. Otherwise there’s no way they can seriously thing Spider-Man is bigger than the other Marvel properties…especially since the worldwide box office of Marvel Studios’ movies is nearly double that of Sony’s Spider-Man films

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