The Dark & Gritty Flash Gordon Reboot is Official


flash-gordon-posterLast week we let you know how the writers of the upcoming dark & gritty Abramsverse Star Trek 3 would be tackling and equally dark & gritty reboot of Flash Gordon. Now that dreaded reboot is official.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog says Fox has secured the rights to allow the Star Trek 3 writers to make their grounded version of Flash Gordon:

Gordon is the hero first created in 1934 by iconic artist Alex Raymond who, along with the lovely Dale Arden and mad scientist Hans Zasrkov, ends up on the planet Mongo fighting its tyrannical ruler, Ming the Merciless.

The popular strip spawned three Buster Crabbe serials and in 1980 came the cheesy, colorful Flash Gordon movie, which had a soundtrack by Queen and cast that included Timothy Dalton, Max von Sydow and Chaim Topol. (Sam Jones played Gordon, who original backstory of being a polo player was modernized to be a football player.)

I take offense to them calling the 1980 movie cheesy. It’s awesome as is the soundtrack: