More on the Star Wars Episode VII Disney Executive Breakfast


George-Lucas-at-Disney-World-This weekend word came out about a very exclusive meal Disney would be hosting this Thursday for their executives, George Lucas, and key members of the original Star Wars trilogy cast. With filming of the movie so close to beginning (the Abu Dhabi filming is second unit), many people see significance to this gathering as it could signify a larger announcement is imminent.

Yesterday Lucasfilm denied such a meal was happening to, after which updated their story with even more information about how rock-solid this scoop is.

Here’s the deal, many times a website cannot print all of the information they have regarding a scoop in order to protect their sources and/or their site staff. This meal is happening this week. It’s real.

The general press is not invited to this event as it’s meant only for high level Disney executives, George Lucas, and certain key members of the original Star Wars cast. As the press isn’t meant to know about this, when a Star Wars fan site emails Lucasfilm asking about it they’re going to deny it. Either they’re denying it exists to avoid press inquiries about a secret gathering, or they flat out don’t know about it as it’s not their job to know about this specific “event”.

Will the public learn about this secret meal? Who knows. But it’s absolutely happening, and it’s a very big deal for the people who are involved with putting it on.

Ask yourself this. Why would George Lucas, who is officially retired from Star Wars, be attending a Star Wars themed meal with very high-level Disney execs and important members of the original trilogy cast? Why would that be going on if it had nothing to do with Episode VII? This definitely isn’t some kind of meeting about toys or the Rebels series.

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