Rumor: Star Wars Episode VII Executive Breakfast Happening This Thursday at Disney


Lucas-and-IgerFor a few weeks there have been murmurs and rumors that there was to be some kind of Episode VII-related event or announcement at the end of April right before Lucasfilm’s big promotion of May the 4th. Basically the rumor is that there would be some sort of casting announcement prior to the “official” start of filming and that this announcement would happen sometime prior to April 30th, and many people pegged this coming Thursday for something related to it.

Now we know what those rumors may have been talking about.

Over on you can read exclusive details about a very high-level executive breakfast Disney is preparing for this Thursday in Florida. It’s limited to about 100 guests, but Disney execs will be in attendance along with George Lucas and members of the Original Trilogy cast.

Some people may dismiss this as a kick-off for Star Wars Weekends, but this is a random Thursday weeks before the start of that annual event and Disney has never pulled out the stops like this for the annual kick-off before. Especially not with high-level Disney executives and George Lucas in attendance this far in advance.

Our pal Jason over a has all the details, including photos of the special Star Wars food that will be served for the first time at this breakfast. These food items will also be offered for the Star Wars Weekends next month at WDW, but the dishes will be made for the first time for this exclusive gathering.

What people have been hoping for may really be imminent this time.

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