Richard Donner Reveals that Spielberg Came Up With the \’Goonies 2\’ Story


goonies-620x350A couple of weeks ago TMZ accosted Richard Donner, as their camera crew tends to do, and were surprised when the video went viral after Donner once again spoke about a Goonies sequel. Goonie fans have known about this idea for more than a decade as it was talked about way back when he reunited with the cast to record the original DVD commentary, but whenever the news pops up online it tends to be treated as new.

Once again TMZ ambushed Donner to try to get another viral soundbite out of him about the movie, and this time he reveals that it was Spielberg’s idea to do the sequel thirty years later. While most fanboys will their heads on right will be excited about this news, expect snarky blog posts about how much Kingdom of the Crystal Skull sucks from those who like to bash what’s popular:

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