The First Episode VII Spy Photo is an AT-AT Foot?


at-at-footIt’s a dark time for Star Wars Episode VII rumors. Hollywood trades are running story after story about actors who auditioned for a role but didn’t get it, and it’s honestly becoming pretty boring. A more interesting story is if they could find an actor who didn’t audition for the movie.

However in the midst of all that craziness, an image has hit the internet that is claimed to be the first real spy photo from the filming of Episode VII. This comes from The National, which is an actual newspaper in the Middle East and is said to be from the top secret filming taking place in Abu Dhabi.

When they first posted the story yesterday, there was only a low-resolution version of the image. Now that we have a higher-res version, it definitely does look like an AT-AT foot, especially with the hinges where the “toes” would attach to the larger disc. The question now is, what would an AT-AT have been doing in the desert?

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