Benedict Cumberbatch is NOT in Episode VII


intodarkness_01In a bit of news that should make my pal Jason over at very happy, it looks like we’ve finally heard the end of “Cumberbatch”…at least in regards to Episode VII.

That’s right everyone’s favorite Sith Lord that was never really cast in the movie doesn’t appear to be in it at all. Star Wars Episode 7 News picked up on some tweets from a recent convention where Cumberbatch flat-out said he will not be in the Star Wars sequel:

I would've liked a part in JJ's new Star Wars but it won't happen sadly

— The Iris (@TheIrisAU) April 12, 2014


So now all of those Cumberbatch Sith and Thrawn photoshops will just be an interesting relic of this period of pre-Episode VII rumor mongering.

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