Five Reasons the Star Wars EU Needs a Reboot



The recent internet freak out over the revelation that the Lucasfilm Story Group would be reviewing Star Wars continuity going forward in an effort to make one consistent canon has shown that there are a lot of people worried about the EU. As they should be. The Story Group could take elements of the existing EU, such as specific characters, and include them in the continuity going forward. Or they could wipe out everything post-ROTJ to fit in with whatever the story of Episode VII may be.

The former option is probably the best. Do a DC New 52 style reboot, retaining popular characters such as Mara Jade, but reboot the continuity of the EU to fit one canon going forward. Here are five reasons why that’s needed.

The Timeline Is Messed Up


There are a lot of examples of this, but there are several stories that conflict with each other based on when they’re supposed to take place. Both Dark Empire and Heir to the Empire are supposed to take place five years after Return of the Jedi, but the events of each seem to live in a bubble. There’s no mention of the Solo twins in Dark Empire, but there’s no mention of Luke turning to the Dark Side in Heir to the Empire. A reboot will fix issues such as this.

Chewbacca is Dead


I’ve made this point before, but there’s no way to get people to enjoy Episode VII with Chewie dead. That would be a huge turn-off for casual fans who don’t read every book, and if they show up to Episode VII to find out they crushed Chewbacca with a moon in some book more than a decade ago there will be some very unhappy Star Wars fans.

Really Terrible Storylines


While most fans have fond memories of the Thrawn trilogy and all of Zahn’s books, the Star Wars EU has had some real stinkers over the last twenty years. From gems such as The Crystal Star and Darksaber, there are also huge “face palm moments” such as IG-88 controlling the second Death Star and trolling Emperor Palpatine with the elevator doors. That’s also ignoring how the “Big 3″ always seem to become involved with every single major threat to the galaxy. A reboot can hopefully give authors a clean slate to work with.

Too Many Characters


Aside from the core cast, there is such a huge number of characters used in the EU that the average fan needs a wiki just to keep track of who everyone is and how they fit into everything. Rebooting in the style of the DC New 52 and “trimming the fat” as far as characters go can really help the new books and comics be a strong jumping off point for old and new fans alike.

One Canon Is Better Than Many


Right now Star Wars canon is split into multiple levels, which each one having a priority over the one below it. The “G-Canon” is the overriding one, which includes the movies and The Clone Wars. But then you have a confusing mess of what is canon and what isn’t By rebooting all of the EU to match the film canon and have that one sole canon as the only official one going forward, all of Star Wars would be better for it. There will be fewer arguments, and hopefully the new continuity won’t have as many problems as the current does.

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