5 Amazing SciFi Urban Legends


Science fiction isn’t without its own urban legends. Stories that are passed around by fanboys that may have a sliver of truth to them, and while some may be true, others may be more difficult to confirm. In this list you’ll find five of the most popular Star Wars and related urban legends. Which ones are true? Most probably are…

Lucas and Spielberg’s Star Wars Bet

Did you know that Spielberg owns a percentage of Star Wars (some say as much as 25%) after Lucas lost a bet in 1977? The story goes that Lucas was so sure that Star Wars would bomb that he bet Speilberg that Close Encounters of the Third Kind would be a bigger hit. The legend goes that the duo were having a meal at the Hamburger Hamlet on Hollywood Blvd, which is right across from the famous Chinese Theater, during Star Wars’ opening there in 1977 when Lucas conceded the bet. Apparently Spielberg is still cashing Star Wars checks to this day.

Harrison Ford was in E.T.

This one is absolutely true, and if you’re lucky enough to have the amazing E.T. Laserdisc boxed set from the 90s…the scene is on the discs. Harrison Ford originally had a cameo in E.T., but Spielberg cut the scene from the movie as he didn’t want to show any faces of adults (except Elliott’s mother) until the end of the movie. The scene wasn’t included on any of the DVD releases of E.T., and as Spielberg movies generally don’t include deleted scenes anymore; don’t expect it on the BluRay.

Leia Wasn’t the Other

That’s right. Originally the Star Wars movies were meant to be a total of nine films. Back then, Return of the Jedi would have ended very differently and most likely would have had Leia wedding someone not Luke or Han with the Skywalker sister not being revealed until Episode VII while Luke and a reformed Vader hunted down the Empire. Lucas decided he could end the saga with the sixth movie, so those extra storylines were axed and we’re left with the imperfect Return of the Jedi that we got.

Jedi Wookiees

This one is even more out there than the Leia one, and while Gary Kurtz has somewhat confirmed that story, this one is still in the realm of legend. We all know that Lucas originally wanted to end the saga with a Wookiee battle in the forest, so this makes some sense. The story goes that the ninth movie would have ended with that big Wookiee battle that he wanted, and once the good guys won; the Wookiees would become the next generation of Jedi Knights. Even more interesting is that the final scene would reveal that the entire saga, all nine movies, were actually being played back from the memory banks of R2-D2.

Spielberg Really Directed Poltergeist

Tobe Hooper may be credited with directing the original Poltergeist, but just as Lucas is the real director of Return of the Jedi and Kurt Russell is the true director of Tombstone, he wasn’t responsible for the majority of filming. The story goes that as Spielberg was committed to Universal to direct E.T., he couldn’t take the job of directing Poltergeist. But he was still on the set for most of the filming, and people who watch the movie now can clearly see what scenes were Tobe Hoopers with the remainder being most definitely filmed by Spielberg.