10 of the Most Deadly Female Dark Siders in Star Wars


Alema Rar

Alema was a Jedi knight who lost her sister in the Yuuzhan Vong war.  Later, in the Dark Nest trilogy she became part of the “hive” mind and slowly went full retard.   She got her arm chopped up to where it was usless, was bitten in half by a beast, her Leku was cut off by a saber, half her foot was missing, and she still owned people with ease.   She learned to use force phantoms after Lumiya’s death and saved an entire fleet of Jacen Solo’s ships by projecting images.  She was finally killed by Jagged Fel who used a set of Crush gaunts to snap her neck.  The gaunts were actually a gift from Boba Fett to Han Solo – but Han never went after his own son with them.