Star Wars + AC/DC = Awesome


Yea, we know fan made youtube videos are more common than a Prequel basher in a Star Wars conversation; but this one is pretty awesome. For one, it has no Linkin Park. That alone should make you click. In a world where just about every single fan made music video on youtube is plagued by the same Linkin Park song, the creator of this video has some definite taste to set it to AC/DC.

This video is getting a lot of play around the Internet this week with some people even making the blasphemous statement that John Williams’ score should be replaced by AC/DC. That’s just stupid. Anyone who honestly believes that should be tossed into the Sarlaac. It’s not a knock against AC/DC, but to say that anything could top the John Williams score is obviously the work of a delusional mind.

Check out the video below: