More Game of Thrones Games Coming


Right before Game of Thrones launched on HBO, a rather disappointing RTS game was released on the PC. Obviously with the books and now TV series becoming such a big franchise, it’s pretty obvious that there will be more game cash-in attempts. According to USA Today, there are three more on the way.

The first is a single-player RPG being developed by Cyanide Studios (who also made the RTS) and will be released on the HD consoles and PC. Atlus will be publishing it, so hopefully they give it a larger print run than their other games. Then again, if it’s as bad as the RTS was; a low print run may be a blessing. The second game will be a Free to Play MMO developed by Bigpoint, who makes the Battlestar Galactica browser-based game. The core gameplay of BSG is fun, but the ability to buy your way to a crippling advantage kills the game. Hopefully Game of Thrones doesn’t do that.

Finally, they’re planning a social network game for Facebook. We know you can’t wait for that one.