World of Skyrim Trailer Gets You Hyped for Friday


I’ve been playing the Elder Scrolls games since Arena on the PC. I have fond memories of fiddling with Daggerfall on my Pentium 3 to get it to run correctly, and then loving Redguard and being disappointed in Battlespire. Morrowind brought the series to consoles for the first time, and introduced a whole new market to the awesomesauce that is the open world of Elder Scrolls. Then we got Oblivion, and the longtime PC series finally cemented itself on the RPG throne it has deserved since Daggerfall.

This Friday is 11-11-11, and that means The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is finally coming out. To celebrate the release, Bethesda is running an amazing live-action trailer on television; and for the gamers online they released a great in-game trailer showing off the world of Skyrim. The trailer shows multiple different environments, towns, dungeons, and races. It also shows off the much-improved facial animation for the NPCs. There’s just two more days until we get our hands on this future classic: