The 10 Best Star Wars Posters


With the crushing disappointment that was the poster for the 3D re-release of The Phantom Menace, we thought it was worth it to look back at the many theatrical posters for the Star Wars saga. Each of the Original Trilogy had multiple different posters created for their various releases over the years, with some very classic images emerging. The Prequels didn’t have quite as many, but that doesn’t mean they’re absent from this list. Here are the 10 best theatrical posters made for the Star Wars saga.

The Empire Strikes Back “Style B”

This is partially personal preference, as this is probably my favorite Star Wars poster of all time. It’s known as the “Gone with the Wind” poster, and the design and painted, frosty, look of the poster made it really stand out among the other Empire posters.

The Special Editions

Rumor has it that these are actually Lucas’ favorite posters for the Original Trilogy, and their design was copied for the prequels. The three form one large mural of the original Trilogy, and Drew Struzan’s art is classic as you’d expect. If you could only have one version of the trilogy posters framed in your house; it should be this.

Revenge of the Jedi

C’mon, it’s Luke and Vader fighting with the words “Revenge of the Jedi” on it. Every Star Wars fan worth their lightsaber knows the story of the title change, and anything with Revenge of the Jedi on it has become something of a geek badge in the collecting community. If someone wants to sell a Return of the Jedi product out really fast, all they have to do is put the Revenge logo on it and Star Wars fanboys will line up to buy it.

Star Wars Retro

This version of the original Star Wars poster made the list as it pays tribute to the Flash Gordon serials that Lucas was trying to recreate with the movies. It’s another Drew Struzan piece, and one of the many posters he painted that will be showing up on this list.

Star Wars

This is an iconic Star Wars image, and I actually had a copy of this poster hanging in my room for years and I now have a T-shirt with the image on it. It’s such a popular image for the first movie that it’s been used for the covers of the Super Nintendo Super Star Wars game and even turned into bedsheets. Also, an original copy of this poster can sell for some decent money if in good condition.

The Phantom Menace

The best poster from the Prequel trilogy by far. Drew Struzan worked his magic here to produce a poster that closely matched his work on the Special Editions, but also made you think you were going to see an amazing Star Wars movie.