Yoda Arrested for DUI in Germany


If you ever needed proof that Yoda in Episode 1 spent the entire movie high and or drunk, here it is. Police in Germany pulled over a drunk driver who was involved in a hit-and-run accident. He hit another car, fled, and the cops caught up with him. Imagine their surprise when they found a guy in a Yoda costume behind the wheel:

“The officers were especially surprised to see … Grand Master Yoda at the wheel,” said the statement from police in the city of Darmstadt, near Frankfurt in western Germany.

It appears Yoda had enjoyed his evening too much to be driving and authorities took him to the station, confiscated his licence and took a blood sample. “The hapless Jedi returned home on foot,” said police.

“In this case, the force was not with him.”

This is even better than the time when Darth Vader robbed a bank.