How Frodo is Used in The Hobbit


Quint at Aint it Cool News is the luckiest geek on the planet. He had the chance to go down to New Zealand to check out the filming of The Hobbit, and the first report he brought back details exactly how Frodo is used in the movie. I know that the news of using Frodo in the movie is controversial, but how they are doing it sounds really cool and a perfect way to connect The Hobbit to The Fellowship of the Ring.

According to his report, the Frodo scene is most likely the opening of the first part of The Hobbit where Frodo is helping old Bilbo get ready for his 111th birthday party and Gandalf’s arrival. It’ll show Frodo and Bilbo talking about Gandalf’s imminent arrival, and then most likely flash back to 60 years in the past.

Quint says that the crew was being very careful to make sure the scene being filmed matched up with the footage from a decade ago, so you’ll probably be able to watch The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings back to back for an insanely [awesome] multi-day Middle-Earth marathon. Imagine a HD release of two Extended Editions of The Hobbit along with the Extended Lord of the Rings trilogy! Just stick an IV in me and I’ll be all set.