Empire Magazine Reunites the Hobbits


This December will mark the 10th anniversary of The Fellowship of the Ring, and to celebrate Empire Magazine reunited the four Hobbits. The new issue hitting UK newsstands will feature more pictures like the one above, and they even released a trailer (below) to hype up the reunion. It’s still hard to believe that it’s been ten years since that movie released.

For me, it’s been almost exactly ten years since I first saw extended footage from the movie. Back in 2011, I was working for IGN and New Line was bringing the Cannes reel from The Lord of the Rings on a national tour, that landed in San Francisco that October. So myself and another resident Tolkien expert/fanatic jumped at the chance to see footage from the movie, which was basically an extended trailer introduced by Peter Jackson riding on Gandalf’s cart. The footage did include the entire Moria sequence up to the initial appearance of the Balrog, as well as bits of footage from Two Towers and Return of the King; including some stuff that didn’t even make it into either extended cuts.

We were blown away, and naturally two months later both of us were standing in line for the midnight showing on the Sony Metreon’s IMAX screen. Ten years later, and the movie is still as awesome as it was that first night.

Here’s the trailer for the reunion: