Fox to Ruin The Punisher


The Hulk isn’t the only Marvel character headed to the small screen. Deadline revealed today that Fox is developing an hour-long Punisher series. It’s being developed by the show-runner of Criminal Minds, which makes you think that it’ll turn out to be a gritty take on Frank Castle; although the series is said to be about a cop who acts as a vigilante at night. That’s not Frank Castle.

Frank Castle is perhaps the most mentally disturbed “hero” in comics these days, even more so than Batman. His wife and kids were gunned down right in front of him, and he exacts his revenge on anyone who commits any sort of crime. Steal a candy bar? Too bad, ol’ Frank will put a bullet in your head. He’s crazy, and his adventures of vengeance are some of the best you can read in comics. It’s just not the right tone for a prime time series on Fox. Frank Castle would be better suited on cable on a channel such as HBO, or even AMC, where the true version of the character can be brought to the screen.