See Mission Impossible 4 on IMAX, Get Six Minutes of Batman!


Remember back when The Dark Knight was coming out and if you went to see I Am Legend on IMAX and you got to see the entire opening scene? Well they’ll be doing the same thing with The Dark Knight Rises this December. The movie you’ll have to see is Mission Impossible 4, which does look pretty awesome and is a must see as it’s Brad Bird’s first live action movie, and it’ll have to be an IMAX screening to see the Batman preview.

SlashFilm reports that the prologue will be six minutes long. As with The Dark Knight, it’ll likely be the opening scene. Yet, we can’t help but think how awesome it would be if the preview was actually a fight between Batman & Bane. They could end it by having Bane raise Batman over his leg, slam him down, and right before Batman is snapped in two the picture goes black. That’d be an awesome cliffhanger and definitely get people in the seats in July.