Batman: Arkham City Hits PC November 18th


Bummed that you couldn’t get Batman: Arkham City off Steam today as PS3 and Xbox 360 owners are beating up thugs as the Caped Crusader? That’s because Warner Bros Interactive delayed the PC version of the game until sometime in November due to some pesky bugs, but now they announced that it would be out on the 18th of next month. That’s exactly one month after the consoles received the sequel to the best superhero game ever.

The PC version of Arkham Asylum actually had some improvements over the console versions, and wasn’t just a simple console port. The game made use of Nvidia’s PhySYX tech that improved the physics in the game and really enhanced the few areas of the game with cloth hanging from the ceiling. Tossing Batarangs though the cloth looked awesome. It’s not known yet if Arkham City will have similar improvements, but we’ll know in 30 days.

Until then, I need to get back to the game. It’s even better than the original.