We\’ve launched a Podcast


Hey there fanboys and fangirls.

We are going to be releasing a podcast every week called The Furious Fancast. We will be covering a lot of news in the world of scifi. So whether you’re into comics, movies, video games, Star Wars, Trek, or Firefly we’ll have something for you.

Our pilot is up and can be downloaded here.

We are planning on reaching all the corners of the galaxy with our podcast to make sure the news is heard. Also we plan on having interviews with some special guests in the future as well. Each week we will go over what we see as “hot topics” in scifi or what we receive in emails, tweets, wall post, etc… So don’t hesitate to send in your comments or questions. We’d love to hear from you.
You can check out out blogs at…

The Other Luke or Gothams dark detective
Email is…

PS – Let us know if you have Skype and want to be a guest on the show.