Transformer 4 & 5 May Be \’Stathamazing\’


Transformers: Dark of the Moon was easily the best ride of the 2011 summer movie season, and thanks to it raking in over a billion dollars; Paramount wants more hot bot-on-bot action. When Dark of the Moon came out, a rumor started to fly around that Jason Statham may show up in the fourth movie (thanks to his girlfriend replacing Megan Fox), and now Variety is reporting that the rumor may be real. Not only that, but they’ll film both the fourth and fifth movies at the same time.

Even more amazing is that Michael Bay may be back to direct them. He’s working on a bodybuilding movie, but Variety says it’s possible that the two Transformers sequels could start filming as early as late next year or early 2013.

And these obviously won’t be reboots. The main characters are the Transformers and they aren’t demanding more money. They could easily bring back Megatron as Galvatron, but if they really want fans to jump on board they only need to do one thing: Dinobots.