BioWare Says It\’s \’Hard To Go Back To Other MMOs\’ After TOR


Could it be possible that BioWare didn’t learn a lesson from Mythic overhyping Warhammer Online? Prior to the release of WAR, Mythic made a point of trashing World of Warcraft’s PVP and boasting that WAR would truly be a “WoW-killer”. Now, just two months away from The Old Republic’s release, BioWare is starting the hype train. In an interview with The Gaming Liberty, the BioWare co-founders started to spew the hyperbole:

One of the most common things we’re already hearing is that people seem to find it hard to go back to other MMOs once they play The Old Republic; because there’s a real sense of purpose to everything.

BioWare should be careful to temper the hype. If TOR doesn’t perform up to expectations, it will be a bigger disaster for them than Dragon Age II.