Darth Maul Returns in The Clone Wars


Last season, The Clone Wars introduced Maul’s brother Savage Opress. This year, the series will feature Maul’s resurrection. Entertainment Weekly broke the news with a teaser video and interview with Dave Filoni; however it’s unknown exactly how they’ll be bringing him back and if they’ll use the popular cybernetic design.

A few years ago, they published a Star Wars comic titled Visionaries. In it there was a story where Darth Maul arrived on Tatooine complete with cybernetic legs and Obi-Wan fought him once again. The design naturally became a fan favorite, and Sideshow Toys recently made a pretty awesome statue of this version of Maul.

The very short clip Entertainment Weekly posted did show Maul with long horns like in Visionaries; so it’s possible they will be using that version in the show. We’ll find out in the spring.