New Fall of Cybertron Details


The November issue of Game Informer has landed in subscribers hands, and with it some awesome new details about High Moon Studios’ upcoming Transformers sequel. First off, they discuss the gameplay and how their goal is to take the complaints from the first game and turn those around to be strengths of the sequel. Aside from that, there are small tweaks such as the camera being pulled in closer to the character to show off more of the detailed graphics.

What people really want to know is what Transformers will be featured in the game. Aside from the obvious Prime and Megatron, Bumblebee is playable, as is Jazz and Stormscream. Shockwave makes an appearance in the game as the Decepticon scientist who creates the Dinobots, and that means that, yes, Grimlok is in the game. The Decepticons get their beastly bots too in the form of the Insecticons.

The game’s graphics look to also have received a small upgrade, with the screens in the issue showing off a slightly cleaner look than the original. While the first game was released on the PC, the magazine only mentions PS3 and Xbox 360 versions on the way.