10 Years of Dark Age of Camelot


Ten years ago, the first really major competitor to EverQuest was released in the form of Mythic’s Dark Age of Camelot. Set in the chaotic years following Arthur’s death, the game had a stronger PVP focus than EQ in the form of its Realm vs. Realm combat. There were three realms; Albion, Hybernia, and Midgard. They were unable to interact, except in RvR specific areas where the PVP became extremely strategic.

While the game carved a very loyal playerbase out for itself, the number of players has naturally dropped over the last few years with the arrival of WoW and many other major MMOs. The game still has a very special place in the heart of anyone who played it, and Mythic is naturally celebrating the 10 year milestone as the game is still running to this day and still being updated.

As part of the celebration, Mythic has released an awesome mural (above) and you can download a super high-res version of it via this link.