We Mourn Steve Jobs


Yesterday evening was a moment the internet community will never forget. One of the key figures in the history of the technology we use everyday was gone. Steve Jobs had died.

My day job is in the tech field and we are surrounded by Apple products all day long. Our iPhones are a big part of our jobs, and in fact right when the news came in about his death; we were looking at our iPhones troubleshooting something. A co-worker’s friend sent him a text that said, “Are you sitting down? Steve Jobs died.”

We didn’t believe it. It had to be some kind of internet prank going around. But after a quick check of Apple.com, CNN, and numerous other texts; it was real. Shock set in. I felt numb. I remembered twenty years ago when I learned that Jim Henson had died, and I felt the same way. It’s how it must of felt when Walt Disney had died.

Like those other two creative minds that left us far too soon, Jobs was more than just the founder and CEO of Apple. He was the creative force behind the company that brought tech into the mainstream with the iPod and iPhone and helped expand computing into the hands of those who fear technology with the iPad.

For those in the tech field, it’s an earth shattering loss. For the Apple loyal, it’s like losing a father and it’s a scary time as the future of the innovation the company had become known for is uncertain. For everyone else, another creative genius has left us far too soon.

One of the “Pirates of Silicon Valley” is gone, and he will be missed.