The New Godzilla?


Spreading across the internet right now is that image above, which InfamousKidd claims is the early design for Godzilla in the upcoming reboot. Obviously it looks extremely close to a Toho design, and the site claims that after the GINO debacle; Toho is being very strict with how much the US filmmakers can alter Godzilla.

Even more unbelievable, the site claims that the Godzilla in the movie will be a guy in a suit with a head controlled by animatronics and touch ups done with CG. It’s pretty hard to believe that they would go in that direction for such a big budget tent pole, so while it’ll be awesome to see a rubber-suited Godzilla on the big screen with a huge budget…I’ll believe it when I see it.

The Godzilla reboot will be directed by Gareth Edwards, who made some waves with his micro-budget monster movie Monsters. I watched it on Netflix instant streaming a few months ago, and I am honestly glad I didn’t pay anything to watch it. Hopefully his take on Godzilla is a bit different.