\’X-Files\’ Creator Returns to TV


With Fringe surviving in the Friday Night Death Slot, is the room for another supernatural themed cop show on TV? That’s what The X-Files Creator Chris Carter is hoping. He’s developing a new cop show for television titled “Unique”. Details are sparse about the series other than it will have a supernatural element and one of the main characters will be female.

While The X-Files lived on for nine years, Carter’s other Fox shows didn’t fare as well. Harsh Realm, Millennium, and The Lone Gunmen all died relatively quick deaths, although Millennium did cross-over with the X-Files and The Lone Gunmen was a spin-off from it and its final episode was part of The X-Files. It’d be too if Unique existed in that same universe and Mulder and Scully popped up for a cameo just in time for sweeps.