Blizzard Experimenting With Console Diablo 3 Controls


With most major PC games also coming out on consoles these days, people are naturally wondering if Blizzard’s Diablo 3 will as well. In an interview with PC Gamer, it seems like Blizzard is at least experimenting with playing Diablo 3 with a console controller:

“One of the reasons why we’re exploring the idea of a console version of Diablo 3 because we feel that the controls and the style of the game lend itself to a console. With some of our early experiments in putting a direct control scheme into the game via a 360-like analogue controller, I’ve been “Oh this feels even better, with direct control…'”

This wouldn’t be the first time Diablo has hit consoles. While Diablo 2 was a PC/Mac exclusive, the first game did make it to consoles with EA releasing a PlayStation port that actually controller really well with a PlayStation pad. With games like Torchlight and Dungeon Siege 3 making it to consoles, Blizzard naturally wants a slice of that pie with one of the biggest guns in their arsenal. I wouldn’t be surprised if we heard about a console Diablo 3 port some time after the PC version is released.