Diablo III Beta is Underway


Perhaps the most anticipated PC game that doesn’t have “Old” or “Republic” in the title is Blizzard’s Diablo III. After Blizzard’s Friends & Family Alpha and a relatively quick closed beta, the company announced last night that they are opening the floodgates to normal people to try out the next generation demon slaying and mouse click-fest that they’ve cooked up. Apparently while the beta will at some point test the game’s auction house system; they won’t be testing the real-money auction house at this time.

Blizzard has information on how to get into the beta on the game’s official site. It seems pretty easy, just go to your Battle.net account and opt in to the beta. Then sacrifice your first born and cut one of your limbs while crossing your fingers. For those not lucky enough to be randomly selected for the beta, Blizzard says that they will be giving out keys to the test via many different promotional offers, including ones on the official site.