New World of Darkness MMO Details


It’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything about CCP’s upcoming MMO adaptation of White Wolf’s World of Darkness. The company that made EVE Online a strong science fiction MMO is hoping to do the same thing with horror, and right now White Wolf is having their annual Grand Masquerade in New Orleans. Details are leaking out about the game, and Rock Paper Shotgun posted some of the biggest news. Here’s a taste:

Although keen on vampires, the game will allow players to remain mortal. Everyone starts that way and can choose to become one of the undead. Although even the undead can die, of course, and the game will have permadeath for characters.

Permadeath for characters? Hey CCP, I’d like beta. Thanks.

For more details such as tie-in LARP events and some talk of a morality system in the game, head on over to Rock Paper Shotgun.