Star Wars Blu-Ray Deleted Scenes Detailed


It seems as if some very lucky people have already been able to buy the Star Wars Blu-Ray boxed set, a week before it goes on sale. has one report from someone who managed to buy a copy from a Wal-Mart, and as you can expect; people are going right to the deleted scenes to check them out. Star Wars Aficionado got their hands on the set, and wrote up an amazingly detailed report on every deleted scene on the set.

From their write-up, it looks like the prequel deleted scenes are the biggest disappointment; as none of the DVD deleted scenes made it on to the set. That means to have all of the prequel deleted scenes, we’ll need to hold on to our DVDs. On the other hand, the Original Trilogy ones sound just as awesome as we hoped. Some of the stuff from the legendary “Lost Cut” of Star Wars made it on the set, and both of the other two movies have some amazing things included.

Head on over to Star Wars Aficionado to check it out.