The Old Republic Cancels Beta Weekend


Hoping for a chance to beta test The Old Republic this weekend? After one beta test weekend this past week, BioWare has cancelled this weekend’s test and does not guarantee that there will be more in the coming weeks of September. Here is their official announcement:

There is no Beta Testing Weekend scheduled for this weekend. There may be further Beta Testing Weekends during September, but we’re not going to guarantee it. The weekend that just finished was really our first dry run of Beta Testing Weekends as a whole, and we have plenty of data to crunch, and decisions to make before we start things up again.

It’s unknown why the tests were cancelled, although we do know that they’ve recently announced to European players that the EU beta does not have a start date yet as a new build is on the way. This new build could be why the September tests are up in the air now, or the “data to crunch, and decisions to make” comment could mean feedback from the weekend testers affected their decision.

In other possible bad news, Gamasutra is reporting that EA’s CFO Eric Brown said that they are prepared to delay the game until 2012:

The company still expects the MMO to launch this calender year, but EA’s fiscal guidance takes into account a possible slip into first calendar quarter of 2012 (fiscal Q4) if needed, Brown said. “We have a date set internally [for calendar Q4], with a lot of assumptions around it,” he said.

Uh oh.