WH40k: Space Marine – I heard you like axes too


Three videos have made their way onto Youtube, courtesy of Gamespot (and presumably THQ and so on, as well).

You can now have a nice gawk at three melee weapons, the Power Axe, Thunderhammer and Chainsword. I mananged to pull away long enough to share this awesomeness!  Here is the trailer of the Power Axe, you can also easily find the Thunderhammer and Chainsword in the related videos:

On top of that, concerns over having to fork out cash to pay for the co-op mode, which has been said would be added a month after the initial release, have been quelled slightly.  What is likely going to be the first in a number of updates, the primary co-op DLC “Exterminatus” will be given free of charge, providing two maps to fight off the enemy in a wave-based style.

This information has confirmed many people’s suspicions (my own included) that co-op would not involve any campaign mode. But we can always be hopeful it will arrive at some point in the future!