Cryptic Talks Star Trek Online\’s Change to Free to Play


After the announcement that Star Trek Online would be going Free to Play, as most people expected, the community obviously had a lot of questions. As STO only has one server that everyone plays on (like EVE: Online), it does have a pretty strong community; so they took to the forums with their questions. The game’s Executive Producer Dan Stahl tried to answer some of them in three different posts:

There has been a method to all the madness, but first and foremost on my mind has been ensuring that Star Trek Online has a big future ahead of it. That has led to some tough decisions and deep analysis of what was critically wrong in STO. The next several months are going to be exciting for STO as you begin to see everything that we’ve been working on (finally).

Before this spins out of speculation control, I can assure you there are no restrictions on content access, including future Feature Series. In addition, subscribers should notice little to no change. As far as I’ve seen, any changes in price will be to lower prices on some items.

That aside, if you don’t like the game, you don’t like the game. The entire concept of F2P is that you don’t have to pay for the game. You can play it for free and if you like and want to play deeper into the game, then you can still do that for free. Perfect World has a strong philosphy that it should be possible for a free player to reach maximum level without spending a dime. In my opinion, if you enjoy the game, then you will spend money on it. And if you don’t then that’s ok too.

The game certainly still has issues (as do most young MMO), but I’d argue that the game has improved tremendously since launch day. By our 2nd anniversary in February, I think this game will be significantly better than it was even at year 1 anniversary.

Perfect World has made it very clear that they want to invest in STO because they believe it has great POTENTIAL and they see an investment that can yield an even better game. That to me, is the golden path that this game deserves. It is Star Trek we are talking about!

So it sounds like it’s definitely going to help STO to to F2P with all the money Perfect World is throwing at the team.