Is 3DS B.S.?


Three flavors

Negative, ghost rider. The Nintendo 3DS breathes a MUCH needed breath of fresh air into the world of hand held gaming, and here’s why.

1. Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

One half-pint serving of Ganondorf ass-kickery, coming up

Let me be frank, if Square Enix ever used Final Fantasy VII to the degree that Nintendo uses ZOT they would be way richer and tons of whiny JRPGers would have nothing to whine about. However, this 3D installment of Ocarina of Time is not simply some whored out carbon copy. The graphics have been improved greatly and the 3D effects of the 3DS make one feel like a slice of butter melting on a big ole stack of flapjacks…yeah. The added accelerometer/gyroscope inside of the 3DS makes for an additional sweetie in the respectably sized bag of treats that Zelda 3D has to offer.

2.Preinstalled “apps”

The 3DS comes preinstalled with some interesting applications such as the ability to take a picture of one’s self using the forward facing camera of the 3DS to make a Mii out of a picture it takes of the user. Finally! No longer will one have to deliberate with friends and family that their Mii looks nothing at all like them! If the feature produces an undesired product it is possible to edit it. There are many other apps that do other things but in this writer’s opinion this was one of the more surprising ones.


Houndtooth hat? Check. Blue overalls? Check. Mickey Mouse gloves? Check.

3. Upcoming games

If someone can’t be excited about Mario Kart 3D, they probably have overdosed on some sort of male erectile dysfunction disorder medication. Star Fox 3D is also on the way, though it appears to be more of a rehash of Star Fox 64. Then there’s the new Mario game just for good measure.

Verdict: The Nintendo 3DS is not a half-baked attempt to revitalize the DS. Nintendo has done a stellar job of implementing the 3D technology as it not only adds depth to the graphics, but also makes relatively normal DS graphics seem on par with the Wii. Normally that isn’t saying much, but when it comes to hand helds it is sort of a big deal. Good job, Nintendo.