Top Five Doctor Who Sessions scheduled for Sci-Fi WorldCon in Reno


Who Was the Most Influential Doctor?

tom baker


WorldCon sez “Who was the most influential Doctor? Patrick Troughton? Tom Baker? David Tennant? One of the other 8?  Maybe the answer is what is more cool—a very long scarf or a fez?”  RK sez,  “(Or a Stetson?  Stetsons are cool.)”


Beyond Doctor Who: The Rest of British SF on TV


WorldCon sez, “We’re not tired of tales of the Tardis or Torchwood, we just want more. What are the even later, greater genre shows from over the big water? What’s cooler, the original Being Human or Primeval? How is Brit TV different from North American TV—better dialog, even worse class structure? How many extra sexiness points just for the accents?”  RK sez, “BBC fantasy is cool, too.  And the fangirls in my house say the accents are worth LOTS of points.”


New Producer, New Doctor, New Companion: Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, and the New Doctor Who

matt smith doctor who

Worldcon sez, “At the time of this panel, Stephan Moffat will have completed one full season and the first part of his second season of Doctor Who. How have he, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill done? How does the latest series compare to earlier series?”  RK sez, “It’s aaalllllllll good.”


The Role of the Companion: The Impact of the Companions on the Doctor

rose tyler

WorldCon sez, “The Doctor’s companions aren’t just generic sidekicks.  Our view of the Doctor is influenced by his companions.  And the companions change the Doctor, something examined a number of times over the last several seasons.”  RK sez, “I’ll never forgive the show for what they did to Donna at the end.”


Has Dr. Who Jumped the Shark or is Steven Moffat Just Messing with Us?

sky shark

WorldCon sez, “Dr. Who has been a very popular show for generations.  But is the new Dr. Who losing its way? Is bigger and younger always better? Is there a method to Moffat’s madness?”  RK sez, “Jump the SKY-shark!”