EA: 200k Old Republic Pre-Orders, Ship Date Coming in September


It appears as if The Old Republic is breaking pre-order records for EA. The company had their second quarter earnings forecast call yesterday, and announced that in the first five days of pre-ordering The Old Republic, they’ve already sold 200,000 copies; which is higher than any other game in their history:

“We’re well over 200,000 pre-orders in the first five or six days. From an EA perspective, that is significantly greater than any other EA title we’ve ever had in the first week,” said the company’s finance chief, Eric Brown, in an interview.

Also as part of the call, EA announced that they will likely reveal the release date in September:

“As we get into the bulk of the summer we’re going to be ramping up our beta campaign and by the time we get to around September we’ll be in a position to really call the ball give the hard ship date.”

It was announced at Comic Con that they would be doing Beta Test Weekends in September. There won’t be an “Open Beta”, but those weekends will be the closest thing too it. If they’re opening the floodgates for people to play in September, that means the game is being targeted for an early October launch right now. You don’t let people play for a month, get them hyped, and then shut everything down and make them wait a couple months to buy the game.