San Diego Comic Con 2011: Live from the Spielberg Tin-Tin Panel


We’re sitting in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con 2011, and Steven Spielberg is expected to be out shortly to show off Tin-Tin. There’s a strong WiFi connection in the hall, so we’re connected live and will give you a complete play by play of the panel as it unfolds.

Things are expected to get underway in just twenty minutes.

If updates cease, it’s because I temporarily fainted when Spielberg arrived.

11:05 – Everyone needs to sit down, panel is about to begin in just a few minutes.

11:07 – Director of Programming for Comic Con on stage now. Panel is about to kick off!

11:10 – Spielbeg tribute reel showing.

11:14 – The bearded one arrives to a thunderous standing ovation. He accepts Comic Con’s Ink Pot award and tells the room to never grow up.

11:16 – Speilberg became aware of Tin-Tin after a French review kept comparing Raiders to Tin-Tin.

11:18 – He’s talking about how he decided whether or not to animate it or do it live action. Funny WETA video with Peter Jackson as Capt. Haddock is shown.

11:21 – Peter Jackson is on stage. I literally almost fainted.

11:23 – They are both talking about creating the movie, how they tried to make it look like the comics, and shooting it via performance capture.

11:28 – Jackson is talking about how Tin-Tin appeals to all ages and how the books are seen differently by kids and adults.

11:34 – Clips of Tin-Tin in 3D shown. Looks very good. It’s 3D, and CG, but definitely looks like a Spielberg film. Lots of Indiana Jones feel to it.

11:35 – Jackson talks about how without Jurassic Park, WETA Digital wouldn’t exist.

11:38 – The duo is talking about filming and casting the movie, and how Spielberg really did film the movie even though it was 3D performance capture.

11:39 – Spielberg confirms that if the movie does well enough, Jackson will direct the sequel.

11:40 – They first met when Spielberg handed Jackson his Oscar.

11:43 – Jackson talking a little about The Hobbit and the break. No new information revealed.

First Q&A question is from Andy Serkis acting like a con fanatic.

Someone asks Spielberg about his idea for a scene in a Jaws sequel. He doesn’t give up the idea for the scene because he doesn’t want to give Universal any ideas in order to keep Jaws to just three

They’re asked how much their childhood influenced their directing. Jackson says everything did; he tries to make movies for the kid he was and still is.

Someone asks them to compare Beowulf CG to Tin-Tin. Yea, it’s a dumb question. Spielberg talks about the evolution of CG.

A kid asks Spielberg what his favorite movie to make was. He answers E.T. (OMG). He said it was because he became so close to the kids, and it made him realize that he wanted to have kids.

A horror filmmaker from Spain asks Jackson if he would return to bloody horror movies. The answer? Absolutely.

What movie that they produced do they wish they directed. Spielberg is very courteous to the directors he hired, but answers American Beauty.

The Back to the Future trilogy was Spielberg’s favorite producing job.

Someone in a Tin-Tin shirt asks about Jurassic Park 4. Spielberg says they have a story and someone writing a draft. It’s two to three years out.

Why did they choose Secret of the Unicorn for the first Tin-Tin movie. Jackson says that they wanted to start the movies with a story that brought in Haddock. So they took the section from the Crab with the Golden Claws for that and put it in Secret of the Unicorn. Secret of the Unicorn also includes some backstory for Haddock.

A guy gets up with a T-Shirt that said that if he met Spielberg he would shake his hand and say thank you. Spielberg and Jackson invite him on stage and spend a few minutes taking pictures of his shirt.

With that the panel ended.