San Diego Comic Con 2011: Live from the Sony panel


The final panel in Hall H this Friday at Comic Con is Sony’s massive reveal of Ghost Rider 2, Total Recall, and The Amazing Spider-Man. The panel is due to start at 4:15pm Pacific, so keep checking this page as we live blog the whole thing.

Ghost Rider

The panel kicks off with a cool video showing just how psychotic the directors were when filming the movie and all the daredevil stunts they performed with the cameras while filming it.

The directors are introduced and say that you will see real bones being broken in the movie due to all the crazy stuff that not just the directors went through, but also the stuntmen. Following that; the cast is introduced.

They show a pretty awesome trailer. It’s a grittier Ghost Rider. The bike looks a lot better, and the trailer even has an F-bomb in it. It looks a lot better than the first movie.

Q&A starting…

Nicolas Cage asked which comic character he’d be. He answered Ghost Rider because he grew up reading the books.

Idris Elba asked a similar question and answered Luke Cage!

Nicolas Cage asked what brought him back to Ghost Rider. He said he wanted to do a scarier take on the character and embrace the nightmare version of him more than in the original.

The directors were asked about the change of the bike in the sequel. They explain that everything the Ghost Rider rides transforms into the hell cycle.

Then they were asked what stunt they did, but would never do again. They said they are looking for new things to try.

That’s it for Ghost Rider 2.

Total Recall

After introducing the cast, director Len Wiseman introduces the first footage of the movie; and it actually doesn’t look bad. The footage shows Quaid going to Recall and the ensuing action scene of him taking out a bunch of cops and escaping. Then there’s a quick montage of scenes, both finished footage and early effects, and the movie looks a lot better than I was originally giving it credit for. It has a little bit of a Blade Runner feel to parts of it.

Nothing really good came out of the Q&A. People just asked dumb, fluff questions.

I take it back, Bryan Cranston made fun of a guy’s Nathan Drake costume when the final question was asked. That was funny.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Now it’s time for the most anticipated panel at the con this year.

The lights are dimming and the logo is on the big screen.

3D Glasses have been ordered on.

Lots of build up for the same trailer we’ve already seen.

Andrew Garfield appears in the audience in a very cheap Spidey costume to introduce the panel and reads a letter about what Spider-Man means to him.

They are about to show some footage!

It looked GREAT! Lots of footage was shown with Peter in school and then it kicks into gear with him coming to terms with his powers. The footage shows him creating the mechanical shooters in his attic, and lots of footage of him in the suit. Spidey has his wit and smart ass mouth from the comics, and that stuff really made the footage shine. No Lizard is shown aside from some giant claw marks in a car and Peter yelling at Doctor Connors.

The Lizard is OFFICIALLY confirmed as the Lizard.

The Lizard is revealed in 3D footage showing his true-to-the-comic origins. He looks a lot like Killer Croc from Batman, but with a tail. No snout on the Lizard. He looks awesome and way better than any of the villains in the Raimi movies.

That was the last footage they showed in the panel, but it definitely delivered!